We bring together and support the key players needed to create, develop and test innovative health solutions that can also drive economic growth. Surrey Heartlands HTA offers distinct benefits for each stakeholder group.

Support all the way from idea development through to testing and deployment

Efficient, systematic access to trusted users and frontline staff to support product development and market growth

Support to focus on what works and what’s most likely to be purchased

Faster progress through R&D stages and route to sales as a result of living lab testing opportunities and feedback bringing faster growth and new jobs

Domestic and export introductions as a result of network experience and contacts

Access to multiple funding and business support opportunities

A place to bring your clinical challenges and priority needs which innovative products could help solve

An opportunity to work with citizens, researchers and industry partners to co-design new products and services

Support with implementation and scaling of technologies which lead to better outcomes

A place to build skills in the workforce to support technology-enabled healthcare

Access technological solutions which support patients to better manage their own health

A route into implementation for your research

Access to clinical insight and the lived experience of citizens

Opportunities for research and development through novel health, industry and academic collaborations

New research and teaching opportunities for data scientists, engineers, ethnographers, business students and other disciplines with expertise to offer for future health and care services

A chance to be involved in the development of innovative new products and be part of their design and development

Gain faster access to user-friendly health and wellbeing solutions whose development has been informed by people with real world experience

Able to be economically active and healthier for longer due to improved clinical outcomes

New job opportunities locally

A collaborative solution to individual issues

It’s difficult for innovators to reach patients as quickly as they’d like to, which can mean that patients don’t get the best outcomes as soon as they could and economic growth is stalled.
Equally it’s hard for the health and care system and researchers to engage and work with industry. By bringing these groups together and adding in the expertise of its partners, the HTA is able to catalyse success.


How do you ensure your products and services are relevant to NHS/citizen needs?


You know that new tech can help improve care, but where do you start?


How can research do more to shape healthcare innovation?


How can you help create healthcare tech that is designed around your needs and lifestyle?

This is what we do.

It’s impossible for individual players to come up with all the answers in isolation. We each need each other to succeed. This is why the HTA exists.

The HTA is a unique addition to the health and care sector in Surrey and Hampshire, accelerating economic growth in the M3 corridor and strengthening collaboration between industry, the public, health and care, and academia, leading to a healthier population and more productive, cost efficient health and care services.

It offers health tech industry innovators a unique mix of business support, and access to clinical expertise in an environment that enables them to speed up the development and deployment of solutions to meet citizen needs.

By enabling better alignment between clinical priorities and health tech development, the HTA will support new solutions to reach patients faster, a more efficient health and care system and increased economic growth.

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