The Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator speeds up adoption of near market-ready tech into healthcare services, with priority given to those that align with system needs.

We know that even the best med-tech and health tech companies can find it difficult to:

Engage with clinicians to ensure their innovations are practical, needed and patient centric.

Know who to talk to in the complex landscape of health and social care.

Secure pilot sites for meaningful evaluation leading to product adoption and sales.

We offer a range of business support, guidance and expertise to help you overcome these challenges. This includes research, clinical, digital, technical and business expertise to accelerate the development and uptake of solutions from health technology companies.

A unique remit

We improve the chance of success for SMEs in obtaining funding in support of the development, validation and evaluation of solutions leading to adoption and implementation across the health and social care sector.

Our focus is aligned to NHS priorities and clinical system needs, meaning we know what’s relevant and who to talk to.

We are unique in having a remit from Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (ICS) to test, evaluate and embed successful health tech for these prioritised clinical needs.

Being based at the University of Surrey means we benefit from research and development opportunities around novel health, industry and academic collaborations, and a range of experts including engineers, data scientists and ethnographers with expertise to offer to future health and care products, solutions and services.

Our work is centred around co-design principles to ensure that citizens have a clear, purposeful voice in the development of new tech.

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